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The "B.O.T.H." Anvil

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This is PRINTED ON DEMAND. Printing and shipping can take up to 1 week depending on materials available. Thank you so much for ordering!

This is the "B.O.T.H." Anvil! What does "B.O.T.H" stand for? Glad you asked! That would mean "Business On The Horizon". That's right, this anvil gets you more "B.O.T.H."! Sounds like a get rich quick scheme, I promise you it isn't. (It's an anvil that holds business cards... you may need to lower your expectations if you see anything else there.)  

This anvil holds a ton of business cards horizontally in a stylish design that will catch your client's eye at your next trade show! Don't want the KMT logo on the front? Just turn the anvil around! We left the logo off the back just for you! 

Don't forget we also have a vertical business card anvil that holds a pen as well if you need a different card position. 

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The "B.O.T.H." Anvil

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